Dear Students,

Welcome to the family of Turning Point!

We, at Turning Point, endeavor to amalgamate the ancient values of uttermost dedication and responsibility that gave teaching a very pious and sacred status, with latest teaching methodologies so as to make the act of learning, a delectable experience.

Here, great emphasis is laid on the concepts and fundamentals with a smooth and systematic transition to the advanced levels of teaching. Also, the interaction between students and teachers is always encouraged so as to provide a very healthy environment for growth and learning.

We strongly believe that along with vigorous teaching, a student also requires, personal attention, care, and motivation to be able to persistently follow his / her dreams.

One of the conclusions drawn by us through our experience that the memories which pains us most are those that have the words '..if only I had done that..' embedded in them.

So, my only advice to all of you is this; be it any competitive exam or any other endeavor in life, make sure that these words never come into the picture. Spare no effort, work hard and live up to your potential. Whatever follows will always be for the best.

All the Best!!


Shalini Jalan Agrawal

B. Tech. (Computer Science)

Director ­ Administration